Jaw Expansion: Dentofacial Orthopaedics Orthodontist NYC

jaw-expansion-nycOrthodontic upper jaw expansion for growing children may be both cosmetically necessary and functionally necessary. In many cases with children, the jaw has been misshapen due to chronic thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, lip biting, or premature untreated tooth loss.  Sometimes jaw expansion is necessary due to a case of genetics whereby the size of the jaw and position of the teeth simply do not match up (malocclusion).

Please note: It is unnecessary to obtain a dentist’s referral to visit The NYC Orthodontics Center. The NYC Orthodontics Center‘s comprehensive treatment planning will present you with all available treatment options and advise you to the risks and benefits of each treatment and the related costs.

The Orthodontics Center of NYC is an internationally renowned best in class Upper East Side specialty orthodontics practice which focuses specifically on dentofacial orthodontics including jaw expansion.

Malocclusions in children can result in TMJ and other pains in addition to poor sleep patterns and cosmetically an underdeveloped facial profile. Regardless of the reason for the malocclusion, the Orthodontics Center of NYC can properly and quickly diagnosis and treat your child’s specific case painlessly.

Jaws that are asymmetric, too far forward, too far back, or too narrow, and jaws with insufficient room for all the permanent teeth can be recognized by Dr. Michael Gelb at an early age.

Children over the age of six exhibiting jaw problems are candidates for early intervention treatment. Children around age eight with crowded front teeth are also candidates for a more aggressive approach.

The goal of orthopaedic orthodontic treatment in children is to insure that the jaws develop normally in size, form, and positions relative to each other and the cranial base. Normalization of jaw size and form insures room for all of the permanent teeth to grow-in properly. Normalization of relative jaw positions insures the upper and lower jaws relate to each other properly and the face will develop to look its best.

Dr. Michael Gelb often finds that when the jaws are not developing properly in young children; the upper jaw is sometimes too small or the lower jaw may be too far back or forward, all of which can result in:

  • Functional problems with the bite
  • Pain in the face, jaw, and/or ear – resulting in various forms of TMJ / TMDD
  • The adult teeth not having enough room to grow in straight
  • Compromised aesthetics of the face and teeth

Though treatments vary from case to case, the most common forms of orthopaedic orthodontics include:

  • Jaw Expansion: If treated early enough, the upper jaw can be expanded with a simple appliance over the course of a few months, correcting bite problems and giving more space for all the adult teeth to develop properly.
  • Jaw advancement: Orthopaedic appliances can be used to bring the lower or upper jaw forward, putting the jaws in harmony with each other and the rest of the face. This is most effective at around the age of eight to nine years although later treatment may also be successful.

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